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Microsoft ‘Sangat Puas’ Dengan Kinerja Penjualan PS5 Sea of Thieves

Microsoft brings the multiplayer open-world pirate game Sea of Thieves to the PS5 in March, along with three other exclusive games. The game has been a significant success on the platform, dominating PS5 sales last month. Xbox Game Studios President Matt Booty commented on the success of the port in a recent interview.

How are Sea of Thieves PS5 Sales Doing?

Booty recently sat down for an interview with Variety’s Truly Business podcast. The conversation covered various topics ranging from Microsoft studio closures to the recent Xbox showcase. Sea of Thieves came up several times during the interview, with Booty expressing the company’s satisfaction with its PS5 release. “We’re really pleased with what we’re seeing on Sea of Thieves,” Booty said. He went on to say, “We’re seeing increased engagement across Xbox and PC. So, again, more people are coming into the franchise, which is causing more excitement, which is actually growing the franchise overall.”

The Microsoft executive also revealed the proportion of PS4 and PS5 users interacting with Xbox and PC players. “Another statistic that’s really heartening and interesting is about half of the people we see playing on PlayStation are playing with others on other platforms. So, it’s about expanding that community,” he said. He connected this to the work done by developer Rare to make Sea of Thieves “best in class in terms of cross-platform gameplay.”

“Another thing,” Booty said, “is bringing new players into Sea of Thieves, right… It’s really exciting to see them bring in new players who have never played Sea of Thieves before. I think we consider it a success.”

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