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Menggali Lebih Dalam Pencipta Serial Eric Kripke tentang Perjalanan The Boys dari Masa Lalu hingga Masa Depan

Eric Kripke, the mastermind behind the highly successful Prime Video series The Boys, has approached the series with a slightly different concept. With a unique blend of dark humor, biting social commentary, and unapologetic irreverence, this is a show that has transformed the genre in the best way possible. Kripke’s vision for The Boys has captured the attention of audiences worldwide, creating a show that not only entertains but also challenges the status quo of superhero storytelling.

With brutal realism and a depiction of the dark side of unshakable superhuman abilities, The Boys has become a cultural phenomenon. Kripke’s ability to subvert expectations and push boundaries has made this show a must-watch for genre enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The success of the show is a testament to Kripke’s creative genius and unwavering commitment to delivering a fresh and bold take on superheroes.

As The Boys gears up for its highly anticipated fourth season, fans are eager to see the surprising twists and turns that Kripke has in store. With his track record of delivering jaw-dropping moments and thought-provoking storylines, it’s clear that The Boys is in the right hands. Sitting down with Kripke, we discussed his journey with The Boys, his creative process, and what fans can expect from the upcoming season.

Did you ever think that The Boys would be as big as it is now?

Eric Kripke: I think anything I do is not going to succeed, just a little bit. So I am genuinely amazed. And I keep waiting for people to realize the truth that I am actually a fraud.

The Boys has deviated from the comics in many ways. Was that always the intention, or did it evolve as the show progressed?

Eric Kripke: I mean, in all my conversations with Garth Ennis, who is a huge fan of mine, from the beginning, both of us were very aware that you can’t do a one-to-one adaptation from the book and that the story just had to inherently change. The comic is actually very episodic. And the needs of streaming require a bigger and longer story than what Garth actually wrote for his book.

So both of us knew that. And what he said to me was, “Look, he said, fix Butcher, fix his character, and fix his tone.” So that’s really all I tried to do. It’s sort of my remix of what Garth has done, and I tried to take the story beats and Easter eggs and pieces wherever I could. Um, but that’s it. But for me, it’s like a new story with the same characters. That’s how I see it.

That makes a lot of sense. Now, on that note, do you have an end goal in mind for The Boys when you started it? And if not, do you have one now, or is it constantly evolving as the show progresses?

Eric Kripke: I mean, this is what I have. I know how I want each character to end, right? So what I really know is that every time the last episode is when they do that, and six months later, I know where everyone is. I don’t really know how they get there, and I guess I don’t want to know. Any showrunner who tells you they know fully is lying. I want to be surprised by the writers and the process, but I know the direction we’re heading and where I want this story to end.

The Boys series has reached some crazy places in the last few seasons. Have you ever thought that you were going too far?

Eric Kripke: Um, no. Eh, not really? Um, no! I mean, you know, we do a lot of self-censoring in the writers’ room before anything is seen by anyone. And there’s always a deeper reason why we do whatever we do, whether for the story or the characters, because if it’s just gratuitous or cheap, then we won’t do it.

Ultimately, I have to stand in front of those actors and explain why we’re going to spray them with that liquid, and I need to give them a deeper and real reason. So no, I can. I think I can defend why these things exist in the show both from a storytelling and character perspective.

Do you have a favorite scene that you shot in the last season or The Boys Season 4, and if so, what is it?

Eric Kripke: It’s hard to say because, you know, they’re all my babies, but I really love the Frenchie/Kimiko music number. I mean, just in terms of what makes me smile. Even though the performance is full of violence, I really worked hard to give it a lot of heart, warmth, and tenderness, and people seem to not see that because behind all the bloody scenes, but it’s really there. So, being able to enjoy this uplifting music number is something I really enjoy.

Thank you so much for your time. I can’t wait for The Boys Season 4.

Eric Kripke: Thank you. That was a lot of fun.

The Boys Season 4 premieres on Prime Video on June 13, 2024.

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